005 - Michael Capristo - Game without thinking too hard and the LA improv scene

Michael Capristo

Michael Capristo

Michael Capristo has been doing longform improv since 2007. He has studied at the UCB Theater in New York before moving to Pittsburgh where he taught and performed in such memorable SCIT shows as Post-Crisis; Gillotti, Capristo, and Beck; and Delighting Myself with Michael Capristo. He now lives in LA where he performs with his team Old Vegas at the iO West and several indie theaters in town.

I talk to Mike about writing vs improv, his definition of game and how he uses finds it without struggling, and the differences among New York, Pittsburgh and LA improv. We then do a monoscene -- which in 10 mins we learned is just a long scene.

Watch the set online or listen to the whole interview here.

Thanks to Omar Ornelas for audio production, Aaron Tarnow for live tech and the Steel City Improv Theater for hosting the show. 

Music in the podcast:

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