The amount of time [he] spent preparing and analyzing really made me look at everything from different angles and point of views
[Brian] challenged me immensely in the best way possible
Instructor was very helpful and gave thoughtful, constructive criticism. I really enjoyed the class.
We are challenged at [rehearsals] and work hard.
The initiation work...was downright paradigm-shifting and profound, exciting me both conceptually about the value of play and giving me a nice, clear tool to use.
Brian puts more effort into coaching than any other coach I’ve had and I feel the positive difference in growth, knowledge and experience earned.
[His] commitment to the craft is contagious..[he puts] tireless effort…into not just coaching, but [his] performances as well.
Brian was very constructive with his criticism, as well as engaged
Brian is a fantastic instructor. He does a good job of explaining not only the how, but also the why we [do] particular improv exercises.
Very comfortable atmosphere. Brian made me feel at ease with whatever we were doing.
Personal attention, kind and thoughtful instructor. Good time management.