004 - Sam Turich - Short form, acting, and relaxing on stage

Sam Turich

Sam Turich

Sam Turich has been a professional improviser for over fifteen years. He has directed at Gotham City Improv in NYC where he created the long-running weekly main stage show Off the Top of Our Heads. Sam has acted on stage and screen and is currently in post-production on Progression, a full-length feature about a progressive dinner in Lawrenceville.

I chat with Sam about short form improv -- its virtues, how he did it well, and why more people should perform it -- acting, and his zen approach to improvisation. Then we do a short form set together (hosted by the fantastic Gab Cody), before a very lively Q&A.

Watch our set -- we play a couple short form games (Ding! and Scorsese)

Thanks to Omar Ornelas for audio production, Aaron Tarnow for live tech and the Steel City Improv Theater for hosting the show. 

Music in the podcast:

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