018 - Megan Gray - On her confidence journey, gender and all women improv spaces, and positive notes


An interview on the craft of comedy with the Artistic Director of the Magnet Theater in New York City, member of the Magnet resident team Junior Varsity, producer of the monthly all-female improv show “We Might Just Kiss” and level one teacher Megan Gray. The Magnet is an open and welcoming community where they teach anyone to improvise, and Megan embodies that philosophy.

Megan and I discuss her journey to become more confident on stage, the differences between mixed-gender teams and teams with only women, how she gives positive and supportive notes, and so much more! Also the debut of rapid-fire questions!

Note: you can overhear lively Magnet classes throughout much of the episode–apologies if this is bothersome.

Recorded at the Magnet Training Center in New York City. For past episodes, visit http://brianmgray.com/podcast.

More info on the Magnet Theater at http://www.magnettheater.com.

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