001 - Greg Gillotti

SCIT Teacher, Performer, and comedy nerd Greg Gillotti

In this premier episode, Brian talks to SCIT Teacher and performer and comedy nerd Greg Gillotti. We discuss Greg's performance style as a devotedly supportive player and how he doesn't feel like he is one, his tools for getting out of writer/director mode, his research and preparation for coaching the Nebby Spectres into a narrative arc, and his creation of shows based on catchy names. We perform a series of scenes in which Brian keeps trying to give Greg objects and kisses and Greg keeps begrudgingly welcoming hobos into his barn. Then we talk about the set and Greg answers some great questions from the crowd.

The set itself has some more visual aspects, here is a video for those who'd like to watch it: 

During the interview Greg mentions a book about improvising narrative: How to Improvise a Full Length Play: The Art of Spontaneous Theater by Kenn Adams. 

Thanks to Omar Ornelas for production support, Woody Drennan for tech and the Steel City Improv Theater for hosting the live show. 

Music in the podcast: