Pittsburgh Comedy Festival

I am the Executive Director of the first annual Pittsburgh Comedy Festival. 

The Pittsburgh Comedy Scene is booming. With two dedicated theaters presenting and teaching comedy full time and dozens of bars, theaters, and art spaces increasing their comedy programming, Pittsburgh is quickly becoming a destination city for improvisors, stand-up comedians, and other variety acts. The Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, scheduled for Fall 2014, will draw local and national attention to this vibrant and growing community. 

Learn more and follow us pittsburghcomedyfestival.org.

Lightning Talks

These are 5 minute talks about any topic the speaker is passionate about:

Poem Book

Gram's Poem's (front cover)

For thirty plus years, my grandma wrote delightful poems for our family and her friends to celebrate life occasions large and small: birthdays, anniversaries, divorces, oral surgeries, etc.

For two years, my family worked tirelessly to organize and catalog the scraps of paper she composed them on, digitize them, and compile them with photos from those years.

The result is history of our family in verse. It is available here from CreateSpace for $19.

My gram was interviewed about the book on Cleveland's NPR station, WCPN. Listen to the interview!