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Pittsburgh Geek Out Day

For a few years, I co-facilitated a bi-monthly half-day open spaces software conference called Pittsburgh Geek Out Day. We have now been happily absorbed by Pittsburgh Code & Supply.

After Java Posse Roundup in 2011, a few Pittsburgh attendees were inspired by the open spaces concept and decided to start holding regular events with the brilliant technologists in Pittsburgh! We've been rocking them ever since.

A group at the March 3, 2012 Pittsburgh Geek Out Day at IBM (formerly Vivisimo)

A group at the March 3, 2012 Pittsburgh Geek Out Day at IBM (formerly Vivisimo)


End of the World App

I built a mobile "app" (website targeted for smart phones) to be used during performances of an improv show that I conceived of and directed called The End of the World Show. I will write more about it some day here. But here's the code:


Templated JavaScript Google Calendar

I wrote a (poorly maintained) JavaScript library that builds a templated calendar view using Google's calendar API. The improv theater where I work uses it for their scheduling. The default calendar widgets were not sufficient for their needs both in terms of presentation and requirements (a popup per show that could be permalinked and include a graphic). 

The result is the SCIT Show Schedule (has since been replaced). I am still working on cleaning up the source to put on github. It's built with: