Play on the edge of failue

Well the once a week blogging plan fell off the rails for a while. I'm going to try to get back in the game. 


Me and 20 of my closest friends are heading to the Motor City in early August for the Detroit Improv Festival. I'm performing with Iguanatron and I'm really excited to take the duo to our first festival!

Greg and I have really been experimenting with the show a lot lately (under the tutelage of Sam Turich). When I started performing with Greg, it was like no improv I had ever done before. I couldn't stop to think, I had to just move, be in the moment, support, edit.

As we continued to grow and teach and coach and play together on a lot of other teams, this became less of a unique experience. The show was still fun, but it was not the boundary-pushing experience it once was. This is when Sam started working with us. Sam showed us how two guys who've performed at least every other week together for 6 years can surprise each other again. And more importantly, that we have to. We were getting comfortable, and comfortable is no way to play. 

I'm really excited about Detroit. It's an audience that won't love us just for being Brian and Greg. And we are working hard to make sure that we are on that edge where we really push each other.

*Credit to Ric Walker for the phrase "play on the edge of failure"